Tann Tanaa Tann! Start the fun!

Breaking the usual going all casual!

A first-of-its-kind initiative in the Indian Banking Industry Equitas introduced casual dress code for its employees

Equitas Small Finance Bank, the first private sector Bank in Tamil Nadu post-Independence, introduced a casual dress code for its employees across all working days. The employees of the bank will be spotted in five different coloured t-shirts from Monday to Friday, to break away from the mundane formal attire in the otherwise formal and staid finance sector. Apart from making the customer experience lively, Equitas wants to add a fun element to its work environment on each and every day of the week.

Commenting on the initiative, P N Vasudevan, MD & CEO, Equitas Small Finance Bank, said, “The whole idea is to make customers comfortable to deal with bank associates because they will hopefully  see in them a higher  ‘PLU’ or ‘People Like Us’ quotient due to the vibrant new dress code.  This apart, the uniform has been designed to not only make all categories of employees comfortable in it, but also to bring about a vibrant uniformity across all grades of employees. The higher work efficiency and better customer experience will lead to greater customer satisfaction overall.”

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