What makes Equitas a Great Place to Work!

A company’s culture always relies on its people. At Equitas, we emphasize on ‘Overall Development’, which constitutes Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit.

Body – our need to be healthy and our need to earn and maintain a certain standard of living.

Mind – our need to learn and grow to our full potential.

Heart – our need to be loved, cared for, respected and recognized.

Spirit – our need to do meaningful work and contribute significantly to our stakeholders without compromising on our personal values.

Equitas has always prioritised its employee’s needs by,

Providing a safe and secure workplace – We have had instances of shifting branches from premises to safer locations, from premises which was noisy and dusty to better locations and so on.

Providing Medical Insurance Cover for the entire family – We have many instances wherein employees became emotional when the Medical Insurance provided by the company helped them to save their family member.  One such occasion was the employee met with a major accident and the total cost was about Rs. 8 lakhs – Equitas contributed Rs. 2 lakhs from Medical Insurance and another Rs. 2 lakhs from Corporate Buffer.  The employees at Equitas contributed the remaining Rs. 4 lakhs voluntarily.This year, in spite of our financial constraints, we ensured that we provided Medical Insurance cover for the entire family of employees in Grades EB01 to EB04.

Providing financial assistance to pursue higher education for employees – We helped many of our employees to pursue their graduation by sponsoring their education fee. 

Providing different types of loans for different occasions – We offer a wide range of loans which provide support in overcoming various life cycle emergencies.  In genuine emergency cases, we have given much higher loans than what was eligible.

Providing various forums for employees to escalate their grievances – Open Houses, Communication Meetings, Grievance Redressal Policy, Whistle Blower Policy, and Prevention of Sexual Harassment Policy and so on.But at the core of all we do is Our Credo, a unique set of values that challenges us to put the needs and well-being of the people we serve first, and that ensures our employees are treated with respect and dignity. Equitas believes in Fair and transparency, equal opportunity, Personal & Professional growth and responsiveness to change. Equitas values the contribution and cares for the employee’s growth along with the company. If an employee drop in an idea to save cost for the company or to improve the efficiency of the business process, the idea will be recognized and implemented at every levels in the organization.This is a place where an employee can have mutual respect between colleagues; balance your work-life; inspiring and pushing you to grow; reach your full potential and that is what makes an organization, a Great Place to Work!

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